Landing Page Design

Landing Page is an integral part of online marketing strategy of every business.Landing page design can play an extremely important role in your ad campaigns. The landing page is your only chance to convert online searchers into leads or customers. It is the first page on your website that users see when they click on your search engine listing.

Delta Web Services has been developing websites for years now and developing a landing page design isn’t any different except of course turning the visitor into a lead or customer. By using unique images and easy-to-use input forms we’ll harness the visitors to increase your sales, no premade templates here! Our landing page design service in Gurgaon is 100% unique and very affordable, we charge a set rate for one page unlike other web design companies and offer technical support once the page is live. Delta Web Services one on one with its clients so we understand what they are looking for exactly out of there landing page.

A good landing page should have the following qualities:
Immediately confirms for the visitor that he/she will find what they came looking for – includes the query term in the title and description

  • Has a clear call to action – fill out a form, order a trial, buy a product, request a catalog, subscribe to a service or even just vote and voice their opinion Is not too wordy
  • Has pleasing images, product shots
  • Includes the price of the product or a price range for services
  • Provides a clear incentive to buy – discount, product comparison, service guarantee, support etc.
  • Effective Landing Pages

We can design effective landing pages to complement your search engine marketing. Our design services include construction of online forms, surveys, information requests and trial downloads for your visitors. Creative split testing can be carried out to identify the perfect combination of text, images and video for your product.The landing pages we design will improve visitor retention rates and convert more visitors into leads or customers for your business.